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Joe O’Shea
Social Work Co-ordinator / Duty Manager
Learning Disability Team
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

To Cheryl and Team,

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the outstanding care and support you have provided to Gavin during his stay with you. I have been immensely impressed by your philosophy of care and the meaningful way you put it into practice. Your personal, positive, and engaging approach has provided Gavin with the reassurance he needed.

I will certainly keep you in mind for anyone requiring a placement in and around Tottenham in the future.

Wishing you an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.

Many thanks,

Mark Luffingham
Consultant Psychiatrist | Medical Director.

I love getting your magazine and it’s wonderful to see the pictures
Looks great, the work you are doing in the world of supported living is progressive and inspirational!

Donagh Healy
Loving Brother

I am a Court of Protection appointed deputy in charge of my brother, Brian Healy’s, affairs. Brian suffers from Korsakoff syndrome, which involves mental/memory difficulties, and severe peripheral neuropathy which restricts Brian’s mobility. Brian also suffers from a number of concomitant issues. Because of his condition Brian also, very occasionally, has anger outbursts. Since April 2014 Brian has been living in supported living accommodation provided and managed by Magic Life UK. Brian lived in Arabella House from April 28, ’14 until May 11, ’16 and since then he has lived at Burlington Lodge. When I first visited Brian in Arabella House in 2014 I was immediately struck by the caring relationship between the carers and Brian. While professional it was also human and sympathetic. I have consistently observed a similar caring relationship in Burlington Lodge where Brian now lives. Over the six years Brian has been living in Magic Life supported living accommodation, I have found his carers, with very rare exceptions, to have a genuinely caring attitude and to communicate in a respectful way with Brian. Brian’s occasional anger outbursts have been responded to very professionally and effectively, with patience and respectful communication. Throughout the past six years, I have also found the managerial staff at Magic Life to be both accessible and communicative. I have been more than happy with the responses to questions or concerns I have had over the years. ‘I would, happily, recommend Magic Life supported living accommodation for loved ones in need of care and accommodation. Donagh Healy

Independent Psychiatrist

Thanks as always for your help, Dan, and thank you for the brilliant work you are doing with **. You seem to be managing the fine line between keeping him safe and giving him freedoms very well. And it’s a difficult line to tread

Loving Father Davies

Many thanks for sharing my son’s eventful week. We really appreciate the continuing efforts by your team members to engage him in a wide variety of social situations. You make it look simple but we are all too aware of the underlying hard work, planning, and conviction involved. The achievements of your team in such a short period of time are just beyond belief. I could not have envisaged him being able to be on an escalator and follow instructions or seated in public transport; this is undoubtedly a superb achievement

Jane Hughes
Social Worker | Forest Recovery Team | Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for all your input I know at times it has been difficult but I think you have done a fantastic job.

Chris GovindenSocial Care PractitionerCountywide Learning Disability & Autism Team | Surrey County Council | All-Age Learning Disability Directorate | Health, Wellbeing and Integration

Hi Stacy,

Thank you very much for your support and devising a user friendly tenancy agreement to enable JED to understand the importance of the a tenancy agreement and why she needs to sign the document, and this has proved to be effective.

I will seize this opportunity to also thank you and your staff for the care and support being provided to JED, these appear to be person centred focus, where the supporting staff using both proactive and reactive methods to support her with her needs, which also help to reduce her agitation and anxieties, hence, reducing the triggers of her behaviours that may challenge. Which indeed are effective, as you told me that JED’s episodes of agitation and anxieties have greatly reduced and she has been having more settled days.

These amply show that in the very short time being at the Hamptons, you and the staff have a good understanding of JED’s identified needs and staff have been consistent in the care and support which I also believe  is a contributory factor in the change of her presentation. This is indeed a great achievement and contributed to a better settled days.

You also told me that she is now very much interacting with the staff and other health professionals, hence, you are able to provide a holistic approach and yet person centred  care and support.

You also told me that JED is keeping regular contact with her mother. And I was also informed that regular news letter will be sent to her mother.  Thank you very for these as I know her mother has always been an important part of her life.

Thank you again and kind regards.


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