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12 Jul 2023

Christopher joined Magic Life one year ago. Chris has overcome many challenges in his life, which has helped him become more independent and able to deal with life’s hurdles. He is a keen runner and has raised lots of money to support his favorite charities. He has started a t-shirt company with his mother. He is a joy and delight to know. Christopher sent Dan, the manager of Park Lodge and Park Side, a wonderful letter which he called a poem about his journey to the park. This was a heartfelt poem, and we wanted to share it with all of you to show that there is always light in dark times.

Poems about magic life park lodge

When I first found out about magic life on the web internet, I came across a supported living place called magic life. I thought to myself it looked good on paper had a sensory room activity room and garden space. And opened plan kitchen. But then I had to speak to my social worker, and it’s had to go through lots of paperwork also going to a panel which could take 6 months or even a year depending on how many cases they have.

making sure they go through all their safety checks to make sure is the right place for me and right support package that comes with it. For the supported living place, company,

the residents, the clients fit in well with the other residents. Also, the clients have a transition period to see if they like the place. If works for both the young person company, family professionals.

Once they get an agreement date tenancy agreement to start on although it has to be agreed and approved by council and provider. It’s a long process but you will get there in the end.

The manager of magic life dan is very professional and friendly easy to talk to also he gets things done not like other mangers I have been in supported living this is the far the best supporting living by far that I have experienced. As they have lots of activities going on. And the residents we have similar interests, and the staff are good.

End of my poems but I am just getting started.

Christopher Reid

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