My Journey with Magic Life

27 Apr 2018

My own experience of being unwell was a very difficult ordeal, though led to a strong, while gradual recovery….and, these days I am quite a good candidate to say that I am well and no longer requiring intensive treatment/medication, while still within the system.

Most people I spoke to that I met when I first become unwell, found that the experience of being unwell is quite complicated, and can be debilitating alone – never mind that the treatment itself being quite a difficulty………

Initially, the experience of first entering the system, was an ordeal, and I found that I was very disturbed/upset while being incarcerated, though these feelings gradually became more manageable, and these days I am very much pleased with the progress I have made…..and my current residence at Arabella House in Edmonton, which is managed by Magic Life, those who offered me an opportunity for me to gain work experience through my musical knowledge, as I am now employed as a music coordinator………

This includes the success of arriving to self-medicating and moving on to independent accommodation while having become very much one who has progressed in a great way….I think in the near future, I will be able to succeed in arriving to a complete and independent recovery and a normal life…Also, for those who may be aspiring toward recovering as well, I would offer the advice of trying to find a way towards this……and I hope my own case would inspire others also.

By: Abdul Mannan

This was a blog written by a service user late last year that has now moved to independent living. At Magic Life we supported this young man and advocated for his move to independent living as we believed he was ready for the next step on his journey to recovery.

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