My First Days at Arabella House by Dominic Francis

27 Apr 2018

I moved into Arabella House at the beginning of this year.

The majority of my two months living at the premises have been marked by a newfound happiness, gratitude for the support of the staff and a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging arrived almost immediately due to the strong sense of community here, there are events such as the weekly guitar class and baking group.

I went to an enjoyable birthday party of a tenant at another lodging recently; the staff are friendly and discreetly helpful. I enjoy the company of those I live with and am quite satisfied that my ambition as a writer has reached some kind of fruition: five years ago I woke from a coma with a diminished sense of self, brain damage and broken limbs, and I have achieved what I then thought I was incapable of by publishing a book of poems and fiction, which I compiled in my first month of residence at Arabella House.

When I started my stay at Arabella House.

I was ecstatic to have a spacious room, en-suite and television. I’m still quite ecstatic about that thinking of it now. It’s good to have a ‘base’ of your own to reflect and relax, while also feeling that you are part of a community. I believe that while I have stayed at Magic Life UK my old sense of self has returned following my accident in 2012, which had an almost apocalyptic relevance in the formation of the man that I am today.

I have high hopes for the future and intend to continue to work on my novel “Happy Tears In Love With A Cold”, which is about a rivalry between two University students. Without meaning to sound facetious, I find that my writing style changes quite dramatically in the writing this blog: I look forward to the challenges that blogging presents and am grateful for the opportunity to be talking to you.

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