Empowering Choices: The Essential Element of Supported Living at Magic Life UK

07 Oct 2023

How We Empower Choices at Magic Life

First and foremost, life is a series of choices. At Magic Life UK, we actively enable our residents to make decisions that impact their well-being and happiness. In this blog post, we will delve deeply into how the concept of empowering choices serves as the cornerstone of a fulfilling life in supported living.

The Importance of Choice in Supported Living

To begin with, choices are the building blocks of personal freedom and human dignity. Especially for our residents who require supported living due to various conditions like learning difficulties, autism, or mental health issues, the freedom to make choices becomes incredibly vital. Without choice, individuals can feel confined and disempowered, a situation we aim to avoid at Magic Life UK.

Adopting a Person-Centred Approach

For this reason, we place individuals at the core of all our actions. We operate over twenty homes across the UK, and each one aims to provide a sanctuary where residents feel heard and respected. Each resident co-creates their unique care plan, along with their family and a multidisciplinary team of experts. This collaborative approach ensures we meet both basic needs and personal preferences.

Tailoring Support to Individual Needs

Furthermore, we recognize the diversity of needs among our residents. From those dealing with learning difficulties to those with physical disabilities, we provide customized support. Additionally, for residents with dual or forensic diagnoses, specialized staff offer expert care.

Activities as a Pathway to Choices

Moreover, our vibrant activity calendar offers more than just entertainment. Each activity we plan aims to empower and enrich the lives of our residents by giving them various options for engagement and social interaction.

Promoting Skill Building and Education

Similarly, we extend the theme of empowerment beyond our homes. We offer educational programs and skill-building workshops that cater to residents’ interests, whether it be through vocational training or cooking classes.

Involving Families and the Community

In addition to individual care, family members and local community members also play an active role in our residents’ lives. They participate in care planning and social activities, thereby broadening the spectrum of choices available to our residents.

Giving Voice to Residents

Last but not least, we hold regular council meetings where residents have the opportunity to voice their suggestions and concerns. This ensures that Magic Life UK remains a welcoming and inclusive place, where each resident can take ownership of their life experiences.


In conclusion, empowering choices isn’t just a tagline for us; it’s our fundamental ethos. Through personalized care plans, diverse activity options, and active family involvement, we strive to create an environment where residents can not only live but thrive on their own terms.

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