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16 Dec 2020

Hasan is a 56 year old gentleman of Turkish origin who suffered a brain injury in 2007.  This was a life-changing and many areas of Hasan’s life would change forever. Hasan became dependent on 24hrs support which was linked with his mobility, memory, medication, rapid mood swings and other sections of day to day living.  Hasan was hospitalized for eight years from his brain injury by the time he was ready to move back in the more independent community-based setting. Magic Life undertook a detailed assessment of Hassan’s needs and found that our Bruce Grove project would provide Hassan with the independence and support that he required.


Upon arriving at Bruce Grove in November 2015, two areas of required development quickly became apparent – medication and life skills.  Hasan did not understand why taking medication on a consistent basis was important for him. The Magic Life team identified this issue could put Hasan at high risk and started work on this part of his life. Following a lengthy period of teamwork, structured and regular interaction we noticed we were making minor progress. Early signs of development were visible when Hasan started coming for his medication without prompting. After a while, Hasan became used to asking for his daily medication and the team at Bruce Grove felt confident that they could further develop his independence with self-medication. . Following an assessment conducted by a team of professionals, it was established that a stepped approach with close daily supervision would be the best way forward. Hasan would be able to keep his own medication in his flat which would then be administered by staff. This developed to Hassan taking his own medication witnessed by staff to the point where he no longer needs supervision. This was a massive step forward for Hasan. This provided him with independence and control over his life and empowered him to develop further. The change in him was clear to see. He was happy and greeted the staff with a smile on his face from the moment the plan was put into place. He had a goal in mind and he is now completely independent in taking his medication. This journey took approximately nine months to complete and is testament to the hard work of Hasan and all the professionals and staff in caring for his wellbeing. The whole process was planned and monitored to ensure his safety and now forms part of his Keyworking session



During the same period, we started supporting Hasan with cooking and healthy eating. During the discharge process, it was identified that a well-balanced diet was extremely important for brain recovery and function. Hasan never cooked in his life and informed us he had hated cooking therefore we knew we were going to face a challenge. Staff at Bruce Grove remembers well the first meal that they supported him with. This was a spaghetti, Bolognese. Hasan started to engage with the process when he realised there was a social aspect of cooking. For cultural and religious reasons Hasan wished to purchase ingredients in Turkish shops only. We quickly realised he enjoyed chatting and interacting with the butchers, shop owners and other members of the public. Hasan was proud to be part of the local community again and wanted for this to continue.

As much as we wanted for a positive vibe to continue we also were aware it was important to keep Hasan safe. We observed that he was occasionally forgetful and thus potentially at risk during cooking. The Project Manager created a risk assessment which required for a staff member to always supervise Hasan whilst in the kitchen. It turned up to be very effective as Hasan learned rather fast how to use the equipment we have in place. Hassan continues to cook and enjoys getting creative with pizza making but requires help in the kitchen still. From hating to cook to now enjoying helping in the kitchen is a major win for us all. Hasan regularly gets involved in weekly cooking activities any enjoys the whole process.

Money Matters

Another area of development has been in financial support for him. Hasan struggles with this and often makes irrational decisions around spending money. This is particularly frustrating for Hasan as he wants to save his money so that he can visit his family in Turkey. Staff spend a lot of time and effort supporting him in this area. Every year Hasan has, with the help of staff,  managed to save for the flight and staff feel very proud of their hard work in helping him achieve his goals. Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hasan won’t be visiting his family this year but rest assured 2021 will see him visit them in Turkey.

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