Best Home Award Goes to Harringay Road

17 Apr 2019

171 Harringay Road Win Best Home Award

Phebe and Yolande of 171 Harringay Road looked shocked when William Ress (Operations Manager) presented them with the Award for Best home. The award was completely unexpected and both Phebe Yolande looked shocked and surprised when William turned up holding a large hamper of goodies, certificate and gold star cup.  As he presented the hamper the camera flashed snaping them in their shocked state. A short speech was given by William explaining why they had been selected.  

Harringay Road staff team supports people with mental health.  A small staff team that work well and support each other to deliver quality service and are proactive in decision making and will update with what has been done with the rationale to the decision. This thinking can only continue to develop the team further.  They have been making positive steps in providing opportunities for engagement for the people that we support.  There have been events or activities that have not been successful but this has not stopped the ideas or perseverance in continuing to support each person In reaching their goals of being independent.  As everyone smokes and to identify these risks and so it was not just their staff team.  involvement from London Fire brigade to visit and discuss with the individuals the risks of smoking in the home and how to keep safe. This involved everyone and was met with acceptance and through the seriousness, there was still plenty of fun William Rees Operations Manager

  Later on, Phebe commented :   

I really appreciate this award and speak on the behalf of all the staffs at Harringay road that they feel the same way and are lost with words, but humble that our project at Harringay road has won for best home. 

I must thank all the staff that works at Harringay Road, William, and Caroline and other staff who are willing to work even when they are off duty, still want to work as this could not have happened without everyone’s input into Harringay Road.

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