New Year’s Resolution For A Healthier Mind and Body

04 Jan 2019

Things like healthy eating, regular exercise and giving up smoking can have a real positive impact on our mental and physical health and are central to many people’s New Year’s resolutions.

What’s your goal?

Step one to achieving your goal is to think what you really want to achieve. Everyone goals are different so take the time to decide what’s important to you.  Why not write them down on an A3 paper and stick them on the wall.

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolution

Be realistic. Setting unattainable goals is the easiest way to fail. Change one small thing first. Build on your success and move on to a new goal.

Get help from Friends

Speaking to your friends and colleagues about your goals and ask them to help you in achieving them.

Chart your success

Keep a track of your goals. Listing them will help you seen how well you have done.


Set rewards for each goal you achieve.

Treating failures as small setbacks

Don’t let failures take you away from your goals. Treat failures/slips as small setbacks. Look to see why you slipped and adjust your plan so it won’t happen again.

Make your resolution stick

After a couple of weeks, the changes you’ve made will become a habit and part of your routine, so don’t be discouraged if you’re still finding it hard after the first week. Stick to it and it will only get easier!

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