A Life Full of Choice

10 Jun 2021

For every young adult moving out of the family, home is a right of passage. Moving out of the family home and living on their own is a dream for most young people. But this is not always the case for people with ASD.

Jess is a young lady who has lived in residential care for a large part of her life. Most everyday choices that we take for granted were not an option for her. The care setting she lived in covered these choices.

Jess had become too old to live with her current care provider, enter Magic Life. Devonshire Lodge.

The management team from DL were involved in the care of Jess from the day of the assessment. A four-week-long transition period was agreed and the different stages of the process carefully planned; this included daily visits and sleepovers. This stepped approach allowed Jess to meet the team of support and completed a more in-depth assessment of her needs.

The key element of the process was “A Person Centred Plan”.
This was linked to establishing a staff team, creating a timetable of activities and routine that involved her making decisions regarding the works of her new flat. Every transition visit Jess made she could see another section of her flat being upgraded and all her dream designs became reality. Jess’s choices of furniture and wallpaper were only the start. We quickly found out that Jess enjoyed her make-up so we suggested having a dress-up table in her bedroom. Jess was over the moon with the idea and this only encouraged her to ask for more items that then turned a flat into her home. The flat has a balcony so a table and chairs were ordered so she could enjoy coffee in the morning there.
All these items were not just furnishing to dress a flat but were items that empowered her and gave her control of her life. Jess could start to make the transition from residential life to independence.

Jess was very nervous and anxious about moving but when she realised that her need’s we being reflected at every point of the transition she became much calmer and started to look forward to moving in.
Growing with confidence Jess started speaking up about her wishes and plans for the future. In turn, this made planning her support much easier.

Jess has just moved into her new flat and we wish her the very best and look forward to her living a Magic Life


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