Harry Gets A New Kit At Haringey Borough Football Club

23 Oct 2018

Harry gets a new kit at Haringey Borough football club

Harry set out to achieve a goal and with some negotiating, perseverance, positive attitude and a sprinkle of charm Harry managed to independently secure a volunteering opportunity with Haringey Borough football club.

Harry helps out with looking after the players and making sure all runs smoothly on match days and on training days.

The guys at Haringey Borough love having Harry around and Harry really enjoys being there so much so that they have given him a brand new kit and presented it to Harry before all the players..

Harry is really pleased with his new kit and currently, he eats, sleeps and works in it…

Good thing the staff at Devonshire Lodge domesticated Harry with living skills when he moved in and taught him how to use a washing machine 😉

Staff at Devonshire Lodge are supporting Harry through his volunteering job, and the long-term goal is for Harry to secure a paid job in the field of football – his love & passion.

Great work Harry!

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